Watch this genuine story come to life from a couple who went through some unexpected events prior to their wedding in Roatan. Even though they had a (local) videographer booked from day one, they weren’t able to conceptualize the impact of their wedding film until some unexpected events took place and they got more than they bargained for. For one, their local videographer skipped town leaving them with no one 2 weeks out from the wedding. Fast forward, after we turned that catastrophe into a blessing in disguise, we were headed out for the festivities on Roatan Island the night before the wedding. I never heard from them. I get an email late at night saying Jeremy has broken his arm and was rushed to two hospitals where there were no doctors equipped to do both X-Rays and surgery. As you can imagine, Jeremy was in extreme pain, barely slept, and had to stay away from too many pain killers as the biggest day of his life was only 12 hours away. Needless to say, the wedding went on. They had a gorgeous and intensely emotional wedding day with some of the most beautifully written vows I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately, Jeremy had some gaps in his memory (as expected after such a rough injury), and Amanda says the day went by in a heartbeat…such a whirlwind, she hardly remembered anything. After all that happened, Amanda admits if she had to do it all over again, she would have hired her first choice videographer, regardless of price, from the start of searching for vendors. Luckily, through these catastrophes, we found each other. This is one of my favorite stories. There is nothing better than seeing a couple completely in love… Except perhaps getting to see their wedding bliss in this film for the rest of time. Everyone should know a love like this. And everyone should have a film like this.